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भू अभिलेख (एनएलआरएमपी)

Land RecordsMaintenance of land records and the availability of easily accessible land information is one of the most important issues facing governance today. "Land Records" itself is a generic expression and can include records such as, the register of lands, Records of Rights (RoRs), tenancy and crop inspection register, mutation register, disputed cases register, etc. It can also include geological information regarding the shape, size, soil-type of the land; and economic information related to irrigation and crops

The Land Records MMP, being implemented by Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), seeks to accomplish the following across States:

  • Completion of all data entry related to digitization of land records
  • Provision of legal sanctity to computerized Records-of-Rights (RoRs)
  • Stopping further issue of manual RORs
  • Setting up computer centers at Tehsils
  • Enabling Web access

The main objectives of the MMP are:

  • To facilitate easy maintenance and updates in land databases
  • To provide for comprehensive scrutiny to make land records tamper-proof (in an effort to reduce the menace of litigation and social conflicts associated with land disputes)
  • To provide the required support for implementation of development programmes for which data about distribution of land holdings is vital
  • To facilitate detailed planning for infrastructural as well as environment development
  • To facilitate preparation of an annual set of records in the mechanised process, thereby producing accurate documents for recording details such as collection of land revenue, cropping pattern, etc.
  • To facilitate a variety of standard and ad-hoc queries on land data
  • To provide database for agricultural census

Core Services offered under the Land Records MMP are:

  • Issue of copies of RoRs
  • Crop, irrigation and soil details
  • Filing and tracking of status of mutation cases
  • Availability and submission of forms

For more information, visit http://rural.nic.in/