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प्रस्तुत करने के लिए दिशानिर्देश- आईसीटी

Guidelines for submission of proposals for seeking DIT support for organizing Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Symposiums etc. in select areas of Electronics, Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

1.0 Background

Department of Information Technology (DIT) since its inception is focused on promotion of research & development efforts in Information & Communications Technology(ICT) and its related fields in the country. Accordingly DIT provides financial support as grant-in-aid to academic and R&D organizations for projects/schemes for undertaking research/development as also to organisation/professional bodies for arranging Conference/Workshop/Seminar/ Symposia in the areas of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and its allied areas as well as their application in various socio-economic and business sectors. A large number of academic institutions, industries and research labs with geographical distribution spread all over the country are beneficiaries of Grants-in-aid support of DIT for organizing Workshops/Conferences/Seminars etc in the emerging areas of ICT.

2.0 Aims and Objectives

Electronics and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) are information intensive, knowledge based technology sector. The main objective of the "Conferences Support Program" is to link-up all the elements related to establishing a viable technological base in the country in the area of Information & Communication Technology and allied areas.

It is envisaged that providing support for Seminars / Symposia / Conferences / Workshops at National and International level would serve as:

It is envisaged that providing support for Seminars / Symposia / Conferences / Workshops at National and International level would serve as:

  • A platform for bringing together experts from industry/academia/R&D and other user community to discuss and share their expertise about technology trends, and their analyses of its various aspects leading to development, improvement of electronics and ICT sector, viz. growth, competitiveness, productivity, quality, R&D applications; and
  • Human Resource Development (HRD) for domestic / international market and exports development in the areas of electronics, communication and information technology.
  • Brainstorming sessions for the purpose of identification of gap areas in the technologies, requiring import of know-how, enhance production levels to capitalize on competitive strengths, identification of appropriate manpower required to meet future needs of the industry and draw an action plan to generate the required manpower.
  • Identification of thrust areas and development of technological competence in identified thrust areas in India to compete globally including identification of facilities, researchers required on a national basis and financing strategies.
  • Identifying and promoting appropriate applications of electronics and ICT in various sectors of the economy such as industries, healthcare, education, agriculture, transportation, power, including social development sector.
  • Wider disbursal of funds. Preference will be given to proposals from organizations from rural and far-flung areas of the country, where industry sponsorship would not be forthcoming.

So as to support complement/supplement efforts of each other directed towards meeting overall national needs so as to make India a Global R&D and services hub;

In order to meet this objective, Department of Information Technology (DIT) will extend financial and technical support and co-sponsorship with or without financial support to organize conferences / seminars / symposiums / workshops schools (short term training program not exceeding 5 days).

3.0 General eligibility criteria and guidelines for governing GIA Support

3.1 Academia, research & development institutes, registered professional bodies and NGOs registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 will be eligible to receive grant-in-aid under this scheme for organizing conferences / seminars / workshops/ symposia and schools (short term training program not exceeding 5 days) at regional / national / international level.

3.2 The institution should have a minimum of 3 years good track-record of technical & financial achievements reflected through annual reports / balance sheets / financial statements.

3.3 The subject / objective of the event should substantively conform to the areas of Electronics, Communication, IT and related fields (illustrative list of thrust areas is at Annexure I). Time relevance of topic will also be criteria for evaluation of the proposal. However, the events seeking support merely using the name of IT, may not be encouraged.

The broad levels of financial support would be as follows:

S. No. Category of Event Maximum GIA support
1. Regional Level.- Event in general should have participation of experts from neighbouring States/UTs in that region. Rs. 50,000/-
2. National Level. - Event in general having the participation of experts of repute from various States/UTs of the country, and national level organization/institutions. Rs. 1.00 lakh
3. International Level events by the Organizations without core strength and specialization in the subject. Rs. 1.00 lakh
4. International Level events by the organizations with core strength and specialization in the subject. (*) Rs. 2.00 lakhs

Note :- In case of all International events, the event in general should have confirmed collaboration (with or without financial support) of international level organizations/institutions, and participation of experts of repute from abroad.

(*)- Applicants should furnish necessary documents in support of having core strength and specialization in the subject/topics of the Conference/Workshop etc. However, the decision by the DIT will be final in this respect.

3.5 Financial support would be subject to satisfying the guidelines enumerated at paras 3.1 to 3.5 above. In the event of any deviation from the commitments made, grant-in-aid received will have to be returned to DIT with interest. Negative report on the event at any time will be held against the organisers.

3.6 The organization should agree to register 5 DIT Technical officers including one from concerned division free of charge as full delegates.

3.7 The grantee organisation shall render Utilization Certificate in Form GFR 19-A and Audited Statement of Accounts to the DIT in respect of grants-in-aid within 30 days of the completion of the event.

3.8 The grantee institution should ensure submission of following to DIT within 30 days of holding of the event.

  • Utilisation certificate.
  • A copy of the proceedings and a list of participants along with a soft copy in PDF format.
  • Recommendations of the organisers of the event in hard and soft copy.

3.9 In the event of failure on the part of the grantee organization to submit the requisite documents to DIT, it would be taken into account for grant of any further financial assistance by DIT to such institution(s)/Organization(s).

3.10 The Audit authorities as well as the Department of Information Technology shall have the authority to call for such details and documents as they deem necessary in order to satisfy themselves that the grant has been utilized in accordance with rules and for the purpose for which it has been given and it shall be the duty of the grantee organization to furnish to the audit authorities and the Department of Information Technology the information and documents required from time to time.

3.11 Recipients of grants will execute the prescribed surety bond for the amount of GIA as per Government instructions in force. They should also follow other instructions as given in GFR and attached terms & conditions.

3.12 For wider coverage of participating institutions the GIA support will be extended to an organisation/institution for only one event in a year. The year will be reckoned from April to March.

3.13 No post-facto grant will be released.

3.14 Under no circumstances, funds would be released to an Event Manager.

3.15 The application for grant in aid should be submitted to DIT 2 months in advance for regional and national level events and 3 months in advance for international level events. The proposals received later may not be considered.

3.16 All requests must be made in the prescribed proforma given at Annexure - II and submitted to the Director, Trade & Investment Promotion Division, Department of Information Technology, Electronics Niketan, 6, CGO Complex, New Delhi-110003.