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परियोजना प्रस्ताव तैयार करने के लिए दिशानिर्देश

Department of Information Technology supports R&D projects in industries, academic institutes, research labs in the identified thrust area related to Information Technology (Hardware / Software), Information and Broadcasting, Industrial Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Microelectronics & Photonics, Capital Good Development, Strategic Electronics, Communications, Rural Application, Health & Biotechnology, Components including microwaves & millimeter waves and Materials

The broad project consideration criterias / guidelines are as follows :

  • The PRIORITY areas are given separately for each division for R&D funding. However, projects with exceptional merit may also be considered, in non thrust areas.
  • Well-defined goals, milestones, targets and deliverables should be specified clearly.
  • In view of rapid rate of obsolescence, the project duration should preferably be small.
  • Projects aimed at developing closely guarded technologies which are of significant economic and strategic advantage to the country would be given preference.
  • The number of implementing agencies should be minimal.
  • Industry relevant projects should have financial participation from the industry.
  • The implementing organizations should normally have the basic infrastructure and capabilities to carry out the project. Creation of new building, air conditioning & other infrastructural facilities etc. are not considered for support by DIT.
  • The components of grant/loan for R&D product development support could include staff salaries for the project duration, equipment, components & consumables, travel overheads, contingencies and other items required for the project. Details of such items should brought out in the project proposal.
  • In case the project is implemented in an established industry/user agency or the project output is of direct benefit to it, the contribution of the industry/user agency should be at least 50% of the project cost.
  • For loan/grant-in-aid support, specific terms & conditions of DIT for Loan/Grant-in-aid will apply. A bank guarantee will have to be furnished if the loan taking agency is a private company/firm.
  • The terms of Transfer of Technology would be decided by DIT.
  • The guidelines and Terms and Conditions may be revised from time to time.