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PanchayatsThe Panchayat represents the first-level of Government interaction for over 60 per cent of the Indian populace, and provides a large number of basic services for millions of citizens living in rural locations across the Nation. It is against this backdrop that the Panchayat MMP has been included in NeGP. The MMP aims to address and overcome the typical challenges faced in the villages, such as lack of reliable communication infrastructure, delay in delivery of services to citizens, low revenue mobilization for implementing schemes at the Gram Panchayat level, and lack of monitoring mechanisms for schemes.

The MMP envisages implementation of various modules across the services and management functions within Gram Panchayat, such as the following:

  • Issue of trade licences and NoC
  • House-related services
  • Issue of certificates of Birth and Death, Income and Solvency
  • Dissemination of internal process of Panchayat agenda, voting, and resolution
  • Copy of proceedings of Gram Sabha and Action Taken Report (ATR)
  • Receipt of funds / progress report
  • Dissemination of BPL data

For more information, visit http://panchayat.nic.in