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अनुसंधान आउटपुट

Through the technology development/demonstration projects supported by the Division, number of state-of- the art technologies have been developed and successfully demonstrated to the end users in the field as well as at industrial sites.

Technologies transferred to industry:

  1. Train Communication Network and Vehicle Communication Unit (TCN/VCU).
  2. ON Line Double conversion UPS System for Medium / High Capacity (Green UPS).
  3. Static Compensator (STATCOM).
  4. Wireless Traffic Control System (WiTrac).
  5. Red Light Violation Detection System (RLVDS).
  6. Composite Signal Control Strategy for Wireless Traffic Control System (CoSiCoSt-W).
  7. Traffic Signal Monitoring and Management.
  8. Open Flexible SCADA technology.
  9. Phasor Measurement Unit.
  10. Multiloop Controller.
  11. Steam Temperature Controller System.
  12. Industrial Process Controller.
  13. Pebrine-O-Scope.
  14. Handheld Electronic Nose.
  15. Automation Systems for Retro-fittment of Mini-Hydel Stations.
  16. Custom Power Technology.
  17. Urban Traffic Control System.
  18. Area Traffic Control System (part of Intelligent Transport System).
  19. Black Box for Automobiles.
  20. Small Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV).
  21. Automatic Counterfeit Currency Detector.

Technologies available for commercial exploitation:

Power Electronics Technologies

  1. Grid Connected Solar Photo Voltaic Power Plant.
  2. Full Spectrum Simulator (FSS) for Power Electronics and Power Systems.
  3. Miniature Model of FSS for Power Electronics and Power Systems.
  4. High Speed Reconfigurable Power Electronics Controller.
  5. 400 Hz Inverter for Air Borne Applications.
  6. DC-DC Converter for SPV applications.
  7. Low Cost Power Quality Analyser for industrial & commercial applications.
  8. Autonomic Real Time Multiprotocol Gateway.
  9. Vehicle Control Unit and Train Communication Network for Electric Locomotive.

Technologies for Transportation

  1. Wireless Traffic Control System.
  2. Intelligent Parking lot Management System.
  3. Red-light Violation Detection System.
  4. Low Voltage Embedded Controller for Hybrid Electric Three Wheeler.

Automation Products/Technologies

  1. Industrial Colour Sensing System (i-COSS).
  2. Industrial grade Low Power Controller (i-LOC).
  3. Industrial general purpose Controller using PC boards (i-CON).
  4. Industrial System Monitoring Autonomous Remote Terminal (i-SMART).
  5. Industrial communication Gateway (i-Gate).
  6. Industrial Real-time Expert System Shell (i-RESS).
  7. Industrial Simulation Platform (i-SimP).
  8. Industrial Wireless Sensor (i-WiSe).
  9. Industrial Wireless Base Station (i-WaSe).
  10. Synchronous Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU).
  11. SCADA/ HMI Software industrial Range Open SCADA SoftwarE (i-ROSE) - Consisting of the following modules:


    • Industrial Web based Automation Control System (i-WACS).
    • Industrial Flexible Automation & Control Engine (i-FACE).
    • Industrial Remote Configuration (i-ROC).
    • Industrial Data logger (i-Dlog).
  12. Industrial Coal Mill soft Sensor (i-CoMS).
  13. Industrial Steam Temperature Control (i-STeC).

Agri-Electronics Technologies

  1. Pebrine-O-Scope
  2. Handheld Electronic Nose (HEN).
  3. Resham Darshan.
  4. Obnoxious Odour Measurement System.
  5. Portable Electronic Tongue.

Technologies for Textile, Paper & Industrial manufacturing

  1. Computer Controlled New Drafting System to produce multi colour pattern blending to get fancy effect in garment and made ups.
  2. IT based Model for developing Optimised Body Measurement Charts from Anthropometric Data.
  3. Automated Liquid Media Dispensing System.
  4. WebNC- Internet based Collaborative Design & Manufacturing System for Intelligent CNC Machining.
  5. Hybrid Layered Manufacturing.
  6. Paper Dirt Speck Analyser.
  7. Pump Efficiency Monitoring System.


Patent under Transportation Programme

  1. “A Method for Synchronizing Heterogeneous Road Traffic and System Thereof”. Patent No.239258 (patent awarded).
  2. Distributed Time Synchronization of Road Traffic Signal Controllers using GPS. (patent awarded).
  3. Simulation of Mixed Traffic Mobility SiMTraM (Patent Filed).
  4. A System for Real Time Assessment of Level of Alertness” (Patent Filed: 634/KOL/2013).
  5. “A Real-Time System for Object Detection and Recognition with Machine Learning” (Filed: 647/Kol/2013).

Patents under ASTeC Programme

  1. “A Device for the Measurement of Residual Chlorine used as a Disinfectant in Drinking Water” Patent no: 243383 (Patent awarded).
  2. “A Method and System for Designing A Multi-Hop Wireless Sensor Network" Application no: 52/CHE/2012 04/01/2012.
  3. “A sustainable boiler Super heater temperature controller for the accurate control of superheater outlet steam temperature". Application no: 388/CHE/2011 11-02-2011.
  4. “A sustainable combustion control system using inferential measurement of pulverized coal flow for improved combustion efficiency and reduced emissions – a retrofit for Thermal Power plants". Filed on 14-06-2011.
  5. “A Chlorine Booster System for Drinking Water Distribution". Filed on 19-09-2008.
  6. “A Dynamic Chlorination System for the Distribution of Drinking Water". Filed on 19-03-2008

Patents under NaMPET Programme

  1. “A Circuit to Reduce Stray Inductance and a 3 Phase Converter” (Patent No.251807 awarded on 4.4.2012).
  2. “Selective Harmonic Detection”. Filed.
  3. “Device and Method for Real-Time Monitoring and Control of Distributed Power Generating Stations” – Filed.
  4. “Miniaturized, High Power Density Power Electronic System on a Chip” – Filed.
  5. “An Electronic Assembly for voltage balancing during turn-on of semiconductor devices” - Filed.
  6. “System for Securing User Identify Information and a Device thereof” – Filed.

Patents under eAgriEn Programme

  1. Apparatus and methodlogy for Measurement of Obnoxious Odorant Concentrations And Odour Intensity In Pulp And Paper Industry. (Application No. 991/KOL/2014, Filed on 25.09.2014).
  2. Apparatus for flavour detection and gradation of tea. (Application No. 966/KOL/2013, Filed on 21.08.2013).
  3. e-tongue device for characterization of taste and quality of water, tea and other food and beverages. (Application No. 670/KOL/2014, Filed on 20.06.2014).
  4. A system and a method for estimating silk-content in cocoons. (Application No. 110/KOL/2015, Filed on 30.01.2015).
  5. Apparatus for grading of silk yarn based on colour characterization and methodology therefor. (Application No. 617/KOL/2013, Filed on 28.05.2013).
  6. Apparatus for detection of sporozoal infection in silk moth and methodology therefor. (Application No. 1220/KOL/2013, Filed on 28.10.2013).
  7. Aroma based food quality measurement machine for tea testing. (Application No. 87/KOL/2010, Filed on 01.02.2010).
  8. Instrument for appearance based fermentation. (Application No. 403/KOL/2010, Filed on 08.04.2010).
  9. Process monitoring in tea. (Application No. 463/KOL/2010, Filed on 23.04.2010).
  10. Tea quality measuring instrument based on taste. (Application No. 1001/KOL/2010, Filed on 10.09.2010).
  11. Instrument for instant analysis of particle size distribution in bulk tea. (Application No. 1002/KOL/2010, Filed on 10.09.2010).
  12. Instrument for measurement of quality of finished tea based on appearance. (Application No. 147/DEL/2012, Filed on 17.01.2012).
  13. Instrument for measurement of rice quality based on appearance. (Application No. 1359/DEL/2012, Filed on 03.05.2012).
  14. Apparatus for aroma based quality detection of aromatic rice and a method thereof. (Application No. 617/KOL/2013, Filed on 28.05.2013).
  15. Appratus for flavour detection and gradation of tea. (Application No. 1220/KOL/2013, Filed on 28.10.2013).

10 copyrights have been obtained.